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We downloaded your smile guide and are using it in our office. I had your book, but this makes things even more convenie… Dr. Ross NashDr. Ross NashFounder of the Nash Institute for Dental Learning

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Simply put, the Smile Guide Touch is a dental app that animates the traditional smile guide.

There is nothing remotely like this anywhere on the market today and we are getting rave reviews from every evaluation service who looks at it!


The Smile Guide Touch, a dental app, is a simple and easy to use animated smile guide.  For the first time patients are embracing the smile guide concept with this interactive visual tool.   The mobile tablet based interface enhances the ability to elicit the patient’s true vision of their desired new smile and the dentists ability to reproduce that vision through the restorative process.

“As the developer of the Digital Dentist cosmetic imaging systems and co-developer of the Smile Style Guide, I am always looking for better ways to communicate with my patients.  The tablet based Smile Guide Touch works great in my practice.  This simple app makes it much easier for a patient to show me what they want to see as we reshape their smile!” – David L. Traub, DMD

Forget clumsy smile guide books.  Now, this dental app, the Smile Guide Touch is the next step in the evolution of the smile guide concept!




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This interactive smile guide is available in two version.  The Smile Guide Touch is the basic version.  It includes all the features of the Touch Designer module which gives the doctor and patient the tools needed to select the details of the shape of a new smile.  The Smile Guide Touch Pro includes the Touch Designer and Smile Design Rx modules.  The Smile Design Rx module adds professional features such as customization of screens with your practice name, creation of a Smile Rx, printing, emailing, and saving of the smile design by patient name.

Walk-through of Smile Guide Touch Pro.


Smile Guide Touch (Basic)

  • Tap to visualize and define the fine details and treatment goals before any work is begun.
  • Interact with patients giving them the opportunity to tell you their cosmetic preferences.
  • Show 240 unique smile variations with this portable, interactive, animated smile guide.
  • This basic version of the app is available only for iPad products from the iTunes App Store for $49.99. 
  • Make sure your iPad is updated to at least the 5.0 iOS.


Smile Guide Touch Pro version (for iPad and Android devices) includes the above plus:

  • Create a blueprint Smile Rx for wax-ups, provisionals, and final ceramics (Pro version only)
  • Print the Smile Rx wirelessly (Pro version for iPad only)
  • Email the Smile Rx to lab, patient, or for export (Pro version only)
  • Save any patient’s smile Rx to tablets internal memory (Pro version only)
  • Retrieve any Smile Rx from alphabetical, searchable archive (Pro version only)
  • Direct access any Smile Design through spinner dial control, great for labs (Pro version only)
  • The Pro version of the app is available for iPad products from the iTunes App Store and for Android devices from Google Play for $99.99.
  • Make sure your Apple iOS is updated to at least 5.0.




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