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We downloaded your smile guide and are using it in our office. I had your book, but this makes things even more convenie… Dr. Ross NashDr. Ross NashFounder of the Nash Institute for Dental Learning

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Benefits of Smile Guide Touch

Determining Esthetic Preferences with Smile Guide Touch

The characteristics that make a smile attractive to a particular person are as unique as the individual desiring that smile. Our patients try to communicate their desires by verbal descriptions, showing us photos of attractive models, or with poor quality photos of their younger selves. Some don’t even know what they are looking for but expect us to know what will make them happy. Cosmetic dentists then have to decipher these clues to meet the expectations of their patient. Smile guides, wax-ups, mock-ups, trial smiles, and before and after photos all have a place in the cosmetic practice. The Smile Guide Touch was designed to supplement or replace at least some of these aids. It is a fast, easy to use technology that facilitates accurate communication between doctor, patient, and lab tech.