Create a Smile Design Rx

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Available in Pro version only

    1. After defining the Smile Design in Touch Designer, tap the Create Rx button located in the upper right corner of the screen.
    2. The Smile Design Rx screen will open.
    3. When the Smile Design Rx is created from Touch Designer, the Smile Design Code is automatically populated along with a small photo and the detailed description of the Code.

    1. Tapping the text fields will open the virtual keyboard.   Enter your patient’s name, tooth numbers involved, and shade selection.  Tapping the Date field will open a calendar.  To select a date, tap it on the calendar.
    2. Because our designators are only arbitrary points along an infinite continuum of shapes and lengths, you can describe any modifications from our code you would like to see in the “Describe any modifications desired” field.
    3. Tap the Save button to save your patient to the Archive.  The program will confirm that you saved successfully.


    1. Tap the Print button located at the upper left of the screen (iPad only).  The standard wireless print dialog box will open.  You can print to any wireless printer you have set up with your iPad.

    1. If you do not have a wireless printer or you are using an Android device you can email the Rx to yourself to print from your desktop.  Tap the Email Rx button to email the Rx to your lab or to yourself.


    1. If you find you would like to change the Smile Design while in the Smile Design Rx you can do so by tapping the Pencil icon to the right of the Smile Design Code box.  This will open spinners that you can set to any of the 240 Smile Designs by setting each of the 3 designators.  As you change the designators you will be able to see the description and small image change to the selected Smile Design

  1. Tapping Save will now give you options to either Create Duplicate Rx or Replace Existing Rx.  Create Duplicate Rx will create an additional patient record (with the same patient’s name appended with a number to indicate it is different than the first) while Replace Existing Rx will replace the original information in the patient’s record.