Laboratory Use

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Available in Pro version only

    1. As a laboratory you may receive a Smile Design Code from your client.  You can open a design code from the Smile Design Rx Screen and view it full screen in Touch Designer.
    2. Tap the Smile Design Rx button located in the main menu at the bottom of any screen.

    1. Tap New Rx from the menu that appears.
    2. The the Smile Design Rx screen will open to the default Smile Design F1-1.
    3. Tap the Pencil icon next to the Smile Design Code box.  This will open selection spinners where you can define any Smile Design Code sent to you by your client.  The chosen code will be displayed on the screen as you set the Smile Design Code.  To close the spinners, tap anywhere outside the spinner box.

    1. Enter the patient’s information and Save to the Archive.  To keep a record of the patient’s name and doctor’s name you can use the First name box for the doctors name and the Last name box for the patient’s name.
    2. Tap Open in Touch Designer to see your Rx full screen in Touch Designer.