REALITY Awards Smile Guide Touch Rare 5 Star Rating

Today REALITY, the premier dental products rating service, awarded Smile Guide Touch its coveted 5 Star rating. Visit for the full review.

Android Smile Guide Touch release

We are proud to introduce the release of our popular Smile Guide Touch iPad app for the Android market!  This award winning app has received a 4.5 star review by The Dental Advisor and has been chosen as one of their 2013 Clinical Problem Solvers!  REALITY Firstlook reports it is “a very cool app that anyone in the office can use”.  Dental Product Report […]

Smile Guide Touch new version

Learn about the new basic version of Smile Guide Touch at

Smile Guide Touch Pro

We have re-branding the Smile Guide Touch to Smile Guide Touch Pro.  This has been done to differentiate the professional version of the app from the soon to be introduced Basic version.  The Pro version will retain all of its current functionality and will remain the app of choice for cosmetic dentists.  The Basic version will be appropriate for the […]

Digital Dentist for iPad

Digident announced today the development of it’s new product, Digital Dentist for iPad.  For those not familiar with Digital Dentist it was developed by Dr. Traub as a way to use inexpensive off-the-shelf image editing software to perform cosmetic simulations.  Digital Dentist has sold hundreds of systems around the world over the past 15 years.  It has been traditionally sold […]

Buyer’s Guide Evaluation

The Smile Guide Touch iPad app for dentist was recently reviewed by an internationally recognized Buyer’s Guide.  A rare “100% of Evaluators would recommend” was awarded and published in their December Newsletter!  Congratulations Dr. Traub!

Dental Products Report names Smile Guide Touch in Top 100 products of the year

In the December issue of Dental Product Reports the Smile Guide Touch was awarded TOP EDITOR’S CHOICE, one of the 100 top products of the year!  Dr Traub, the developer of the iPad app, was thrilled that DPR appreciated the value of his animated Smile Guide.  “Smile guide books have helped me with my cosmetic cases for years, but since […]

Thanksgiving Sale 25% Off New Revolutionary Dentist iPad Application

Smile Guide Touch is announcing their Thanksgiving special from Monday, November 19th through Thursday, November 23rd. They will be dropping the price of the app by 25% off it’s regular price. The Smile Guide Touch, dentist ipad app, helps patients visually see what their teeth will look like after a cosmetic procedure. It’s an interactive tool that will allow dentists […]

Smile Design for Missing Laterals

Congenitally missing lateral incisors The congenitally missing lateral incisor poses numerous challenges.  Depending on when the missing tooth or teeth are addressed the problems posed can include those from a lingually collapsed bite… … cuspid drift and compromised occlusion … … to deficiencies of buccal bone. Solutions Orthodontics has been used to move the cuspid into the position of the […]

Doctor Knows Best

Do you know what your patient will like? How many dentists have experienced the “doctor knows best” scenario.  That is, when discussing the options for smile design the patient responds with “You’re the doctor, you should know best”.  In reality we can determine quite a bit from anatomy and phonetics.  But there is no way we can determine what details […]