Retrieving a Saved Smile Design Rx

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Available in Pro version only

    1. At some point you may want to retrieve a specific patient’s Smile Design Code.
    2. Tap the Smile Design Rx button in the main menu located at the bottom of any screen.  A dialog box will open giving you the option to create a New Rx (Smile Design Rx will open with the default F1-1 Smile Design) or to open the Rx Archive.

    1. Tap Rx Archive from the menu that appears.
    2. This will open a list of patients you have saved.

    1. To search the list, tap the search field at the upper left of the window and begin to enter the patient’s name.  Matches will appear in the list below, refining as you continue to type.

    1. Alternatively, you can search with the first letter of the patient’s last name by tapping on the letters along the right boarder of the list (be sure there is no text in the search field for this to work properly).

  1. By tapping the patient’s name the Smile Design Rx will open and populate with the saved information for that patient.