Smile Guide Touch

Smile Guide Touch is an interactive and intuitive Tablet application designed to make it easy for the dentist to determine the patient’s cosmetic preferences through the use of iPad or Android devices.

Smile Guides or dental guide have been used for years to help dentists determine what patients really want in their new smiles. With typical smile guides the multiple choices and subtle differences in smile designs have made the patient’s ability to select their preferences confusing, difficult, and sometimes misleading. Now, with the help of Tablet technology the patient’s choice of smile design will be much more relevant. The Smile Design Touch makes the smile design process easier and more meaningful, and better reflects what the patient really wants!

Just like composite sketch artists piece together characteristics of a face from the descriptions of witnesses, the Smile Guide Touch allows dentists to compose the ideal smile using the patient’s descriptions of their preferred tooth shape and smile line character.

With a simple touch of the screen you can modify the shape and length of the teeth. Watch the smile take shape on-screen as the patient refines their preferences. As the features change, the patient’s selections guide the evolution of the smile design, creating a blueprint for the shape and smile line of the teeth.

Avoid remakes and tedious adjustments to your smile makeovers by determining what your patient really wants before the bur touches the tooth!

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