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We downloaded your smile guide and are using it in our office. I had your book, but this makes things even more convenie… Dr. Ross NashDr. Ross NashFounder of the Nash Institute for Dental Learning

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Available in Pro version only

The Smile Design Rx module is how you communicate your smile design to the lab, document the choice to the patient, and archive it for future reference.

The Smile Design Rx displays the Smile Design Code and the detailed description of that code. You can add the patient’s name, the date entered, the teeth you will be treating, and the shade selection. You can also add specific modification instructions to the chosen design – anything you feel would be helpful in communicating to the lab.

You will be able to print the Rx to give to your patient or send with the case to your lab. You will be able to send the Rx via email and save the Rx to the iPad memory. You will be able to open the saved Rx at any time.

For Laboratory users, you will be able to input the Smile Design Rx Code to populate the Rx page and then open the Touch Designer to see the chosen design full-screen to reference as you build your case.

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