The Smile Design Touch application consists of two modules. In the TouchDesigner module you and your patient see, feel, and react to various smile designs as you make them appear and change in front of your eyes.

With Touch Designer you and your patient can design the ideal smile by modifying tooth shapes and lengths of the lateral incisors.  Easily see how the slightest modification in one characteristic changes the appearance of the entire smile.  No more paging through confusing printed smile guides in an attempt to compare one smile design to the next!  With Touch Designer you can change whatever you want, see what it looks like, and keep changing until you see exactly the combination of features you want!

Dental procedure and lab fee schedules are calculated based on restorations being successful the first time.  This is necessary to remain competitive. Time spent adjusting or remaking causes profitability and patient satisfaction to plummet.  Anything we as dentists and lab ceramists can do to minimize excessive adjustments and remakes will pay for itself over and over again!

Introduction to Touch Designer

Working with Touch Designer

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