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We downloaded your smile guide and are using it in our office. I had your book, but this makes things even more convenie… Dr. Ross NashDr. Ross NashFounder of the Nash Institute for Dental Learning

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Dental procedure and lab fee schedules are calculated based on restorations being successful the first time. This is necessary to remain competitive. Time spent adjusting or remaking causes profitability and patient satisfaction to plummet. Anything we as dentists and lab ceramists can do to minimize excessive adjustments and remakes will pay for itself over and over again! Determining the subtle shape of smile design before work begins can make all the difference!’

Help Topics

Use Smile Guide Touch at consultation to impress on your patient your ability to meet their expectations.

Use Smile Guide Touch at study model impression visit to send to the lab for wax up design.

Use Smile Guide Touch after temporary restorations are placed to determine what changes should be made for final smile design lab work.